Questions, Answered.

Here, we've listed some of our most commonly asked questions and answered them for you. However, if you've got another burning questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Time & Cost

How much will it cost?

Our five page website is just £199, and includes everything you need to get started.

If you need any additional functions, such as an online shop or help climbing google rankings, you can select from our range of add ons, which you can view here.

What about ongoing costs?

All ongoing costs are rolled into one easy annual payment of £76, paid by direct debit. This covers:

  • Website Hosting
  • Email Hosting
  • Domain Name Renewal
  • Your access to our online suite to manage your site

How long will it take?

Your free homepage draft will be with you in around 10 days. Once you're happy to go ahead and have paid your depsosit, your site is typically ready to go live 6-8 weeks later.

The timescale is equally controlled by yourself - the faster you can provide content and feedback, the faster we can get your site ready to roll.

Website Content & Management

Do you provide the content for my website?

We can certainly lend a hand! With a marketing background, we're happy to help read over provided content, or expand on bullet points or notes. However, as you're the expert in your business, we can't provide content completely from scratch.

I already have a website/domain name registered. Is that okay?

As long as you have the account details for where the domain is registered, this is no problem! Even if you're not sure of account details, we can help you find them. The transfer cost if covered in our five page website deal, so it doesn't cost anything extra either!

Can you source images that have permission to be used?

Yes, any imagery we use at any point on your site will be stock imagery which is royalty and copyright free - so you're welcome to keep the images on your site as we move forward and launch.

What happpens if I need to make changes to my site?

We go out our way to ensure your new site is exactly as you need and want it before launch. However, as we specialise in working with SME's, all our sites are designed to grow and evolve with your business.

Upon launch, you recieve a handover pack which gives you full control over your new website. You can login to our easy to use online editor to edit and add content, and make changes to your site as you need.

If you find yourself needing to make bigger changes and feel out of your depth, or simply don't have the time, we're always just a phonecall away and will happily quote for further modification.

How do I appear on Google Search Results?

Appearing on Google is an automatic process. "Crawling" is a process performed by Google Bots (and other Search Engines) where they search for new sites and content.

Typically, sites are found after 3-4 weeks, and then as they are crawled several times over, the bots create a "summary" about what that website is about, as well as measurements of other criteria. This information is fed into an algorithm that decides how a website ranks on results pages. This is how sites appear in slightly different orders for different phrases. You can learn more about this process here.

Improving how your website ranks is a seperate service called Search Engine Optimisation. You can find out more about adding SEO to your package here.

"Do I really need a web designer?"

Web Design? Ha! Anyone/my Grandson can make a website.

DIY Platforms are a great tool which has continued to make the internet accessible for all. However, they are not as simple to use as the ads make out.

Designing the site takes far more time and effort than suggested. Infact, most of the projects started on platforms such as Wix are never actually launched. The ones that are, are typically in an unsatisfactory state. On top of this, the high monthly fees for DIY platforms means you often end up paying over the odds for a site you're not even proud of! Testimount to this is the fact that around 45% of our clients have come to us with a DIY site they're unhappy with, or feel is taking up too much of their time. Let us take care of the website, so you can get back to taking care of the business.

With a professional web designer on board too, you can be rest assured that the site is tested across multiple devices before launch, built with web safe fonts, with an understanding of how search engines will view the site and using imagery that is copyright and royalty free - something a well meaning "techy" realitive may not be aware of. Likewise, many family-built sites often go unfinished, or leave the business owner feeling awkward that they're "pestering" when chasing up changes or further work on such a vital business tool. With a web designer on board, its our full time job to get your site the way you want it.

I've got a Facebook page. Do I really need a website?

Facebook is a brilliant tool for interacting with your customers. However, without investing in advertising, these are typically people that already know about you. With a limited ability to appear on seach engines, and difficulty in ensuring the important content is always easy to find, a Facebook page will struggle to generate new business for you. Not to mention, you're excluding people who aren't active on facebook.

What seems most important to our clients though, is that investing in a website signals to your customers that you're a serious business. It gives a professional look, and forms a central point of information that is easily found by all. Your Facebook page can then compliment this, keeping existing customers engaged and generating repeat custom.

Websites and Facebook work brilliantly hand in hand, but one should not try and replace the other.